1. Technology Development Fund (TDF) has been established to promote self- reliance in Defence Technology as a part of the 'Make in India' initiative. It is a programme of MoD (Ministry of Defence) executed by DRDO meeting the requirements of Tri-Services, Defence Production and DRDO.
  2. The scheme encourages participation of public/private industries especially MSMEs so as to create an eco-system for enhancing cutting edge technology capability for defence application
  3. This project requirement is primarily for MSMEs/ Start-ups; and large industries will only be considered if no MSME/Startup is found suitable for the development of this technology.
  4. MSMEs need to submit its UDHYOG AADHAR Number and Start ups need to submit its DIPP ( Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion) certificate for consideration in the respective category of TDF scheme.
  5. The funding will be through provision of grant-in-aid to industries that may work in collaboration with the academia or research institutions to carry out innovation, research and development.
  6. Submission of EoI doesn't guarantee PDD notification. PDD will be issued to shortlisted industries only after approval of competent authority.
  7. Suitable technical information will be provided to the Industries on submission of NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) during technical interaction meeting on 'need to know' basis.
  8. The company shall submit a compliance statement for all the eligibility requirements with necessary supporting documents for scrutiny.
  9. SOFT/ Type Approval (CEMILAC Certification) is required for airborne systems / subsystems. The details of certification process can be seen in the guidelines published on TDF Website.
  10. The current guidelines and policies promulgated normally allows to execute maximum of 3 concurrent projects through a Development Agency / Industry (either as Lead DA or as a Consortium Partner). However any DA can have not more than 2 projects as Lead DA.
  11. The company shall submit all information about their executed / ongoing / applied projects under TDF scheme during the submission of EoI & DPR.
  12. The tranfer / sharing of IPR will be carried out as per SOP of TDF. In addition filing of patents and other IPR protection will be carried out by DRDO as per broad guidelines and policies of DRDO.
  13. Only equipment essential for execution of the project will be considered for funding under TDF Scheme. The essentiality of the equipment will be established through a recommendation of PMMG of the project.
  14. Any Industry providing false information will be liable for action as per existing MoD guidelines.