Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM), Nag, was successfully flight-tested on 28 February 2018 in desert conditions against two tank targets at different ranges and timings. NAG ATGM has been developed indigenously by DRDO. Flight tests of the missile have once again proved its capability. With this, the developmental trials of the missile have been completed and it is now ready for induction. Director General (Missiles and Strategic Systems) Dr G Satheesh Reddy, said that with the successful test flights, the technologies pertaining to ATGM to engage targets in different conditions have been established.

Salient Features

  • Third-generation, fire- and forget missile
  • Advanced passive homing guidance
  • High single-shot kill probability
  • Day and night operational capabilities

The anti-tank guided missile can be launched from both land and air-based platforms. The strike range of the land variant and air variant of the missile is up to 4 km and up to 7 km, respectively. It is equipped with many advanced technologies including the indigenous IIR seeker with integrated avionics, a capability possessed by only few nations in the world. Nag has ‘Top attack’ and ‘Front Attack’ capabilities and can defeat the heaviest type of armour including ‘reactive’ and ‘composite’ armour of the futuristic main battle tanks. IIR Seeker of the Missile provides day and night operational capabilities against low silhouette tanks, both static and fast moving.

Chairman, DRDO and Secretary, DDR&D Dr S Christopher, congratulated the team NAG for the achievement.

On Going Project

1 - Angle of Attack & Angle of Side Slip sensors (AoA & AoSS)

2 - Rotary Actuation Aggregates for Fighter Aircraft Applications

3 - Wheel Tyres for Aircraft Application

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