Slide & Swivel Joint for Aircraft Application

Slide & Swivel Joint for Aircraft Application

Project Description

1 Slide and Swivel joint-1(SSJ-1)
2 Slide and Swivel joint-2(SSJ-2)
3 Slide and Swivel joint-3(SSJ-3)
4 Slide and Swivel joint-4(SSJ-4)
5 Slide and Swivel joint-5(SSJ-5)
6 Slide and Swivel joint-6(SSJ-6)
7 Slide and Swivel joint-7(SSJ-7)
8 Slide and Swivel joint-8(SSJ-8)
9 Slide and Swivel joint-9(SSJ-9)
10 Slide and Swivel joint-10(SSJ-10)
11 Slide and Swivel joint-11(SSJ-11)


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Project Awarded


Can an educational institution participate directly in this project ?

Answer – No. An educational institution can provide R & D support for a company or industry executing the project. Under such circumstances also, the involvement of an educational or a research institution cannot exceed 40%.

How will I receive the funding ?

Funding under this scheme is facilitated either as a grant – in– aid [for reimbursements only] or as an advance against bank guarantee. You may refer to the SOP Document in the “About the Scheme” section of this website.