Nose Wheel Steering Manifold (NWSM)

Nose Wheel Steering Manifold (NWSM)

Project Description

Nose Wheel Steering Manifold (NWSM) to modulate the hydraulic flow corresponding to the input electrical signals received from the pilot pedal input and aircraft parameter. NWS manifold consists of an inbuilt 25 micron filter, electro- hydraulic servo valve, solenoid operated On/off valve (SOV), non return valve, a bypass valve, two anti-caviation valves, a pair of pressure relief valve, a compensator, a receptacle for electric connector and four ports for supply, return and two services.


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Can an educational institution participate directly in this project ?

Answer – No. An educational institution can provide R & D support for a company or industry executing the project. Under such circumstances also, the involvement of an educational or a research institution cannot exceed 40%.

How will I receive the funding ?

Funding under this scheme is facilitated either as a grant – in– aid [for reimbursements only] or as an advance against bank guarantee. You may refer to the SOP Document in the “About the Scheme” section of this website.