HF-VLF Antenna Matrix for Under Water Platforms

Project Description

To design and develop a HF-VLF antenna matrix and pre-processing circuit located inside radio room of the Under Water Platform. Electronic circuit for RF reception in VLF range to act as redundant system for VLF loop antenna of the Under Water Platform.



Clarifications on EOI Document -

Question: Will the system need to be housed in a protected housing that would be exposed to a specified pressure or not? 
Answer: HF-VLF matrix is located inside radio room which is located inside pressure hull. So no pressure protection housing is required for the matrix.
Question: Is the unit required to meet 'harsh underwater platform conditions' to comply to EMI/EMC?
Answer: Harsh conditions in terms of EMI/ EMC inside platform means radio room inside has large number of radio equipment both transmitters and receivers in a dense arrangement. Therefore the EMI/ EMC standards of the equipment need to be of appropriate standards.
Question: Do applicants need to strictly stick to the block diagram provided in the document? 
Answer: Block diagram (BD) given is symbolic and applicants are free to develop their own circuitry to meet the requirements projected.
For further clarifications on this project, you may write to dsmaq[at] with dir.tdf-drdo[at] and tdf[at] kept in cc. 


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