Engine Driven Hydraulic Pump

Project Description

Engine Driven Hydraulic Pump (EDP) to provide backup hydraulic power to aircraft hydraulic system to operate its critical services


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Project Awarded To

Zeus Numerix Pvt Ltd

Company Profile :
Zeus Numerix (ZN) was incubated in 2004 at IIT Bombay in its department of Aerospace Engineering and then subsequently at Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship IIT Bombay. ZN has done 360 projects of which 200 in the strategic sector including prestigious projects like BrahMos – Su30 integration, supersonic rocket sled design, flight certifications for Air-to-air missile, 70% reduction in stealth of Naval vessel, Muzzle Brake design of Artillery Gun etc. ZN is certified by CEMILAC Govt of India for the certification of defense equipment in the areas of Fluid Dynamics, Structural Systems and Sub-systems, Electromagnetics (Stealth), Dynamics and Controls etc. ZN undertakes the complete design and development of defence products from concept design to manufacturing like Rocket loader for PINAKA, Fin for FSAPDS munition, Balloon launched foldable test equipment etc. ZN undertakes specialized software development for the strategic sector like explosion, space antenna strips etc.