Project Description

GMI-32B-1 is a Hard Gas Field Thyratron valve. It is used to control the operation of magnetron oscillator by producing short duration DC pulses of high amplitude. The Proposed system will replace the existing thyratron valve in P-19 radar.


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Project Awarded To

Pilani Electron Tubes and Devices

Company Profile :
Pilani Electron Tubes and Devices is a developer and manufacturer of vacuum devices (electronic components). It has developed expertise in development and manufacturing of vacuum devices like Power Triodes, an electronic component used in industrial heating and linear accelerators. Following are some of the critical areas of expertise: • Fabrication of precision components of metals like Kovar, Molybdenum, OFE Copper, Nickel, Titanium, Tantalum etc. • Welding of very thin Molybdenum and Tungsten wires with zero defect. • Brazing in process gas or vacuum to make UHV ceramics to metal and metal to metal seals. • Evacuation of devices up to UHV of 10-9 Torr • Proprietary coatings suitable for Ultra High Vacuum and high temperature operation. Company is well equipped with vacuum furnace, hydrogen furnace, muffle furnace, turbo molecular pumps, vacion pumps, transistorized spot welders, turning center, power presses, and ultrasonic agitators.