Development of Futuristic High performance propulsion system for small satellites EOR and station keeping


Development of Futuristic High performance propulsion system for small satellites EOR and station keeping

Project Description

For decades, Hydrazine monopropellant systems have been the dominant propulsion technology for low total impulse applications. In older days, Hydrazine was found to be superior over other propellants like Hydrogen Peroxide, as the decomposition temperature reaches maximum of 1000 "C and involves simultaneous exothermic and endothermic decomposition reaction at the thrust chamber which releases hot gasses of Ammonia, Nitrogen and Hydrogen gasses. Though Hydrazine is toxic, Hydrazine propulsion system is highly mature and physical parameters and performance of the system is high compared to other propellants.


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Project Awarded To

Bellatrix Aerospace Private Limited

Company Profile :
Bellatrix is an IISc incubated company involved in the development of advanced in space propulsion systems. The company has developed and applied patent for a new type of electric propulsion system that runs on water as propellant (first of its kind globally) and can effectively save upto 2 times on overall mission costs due to increased payload capacity. Bellatrix received TDB National Award 2017 from Hon'ble President of India for development of this technology. ISRO has also provided a first of its kind developmental contract for this technology. Bellatrix has also indigenously developed a high performance green monopropellant called HAN, which offers superior performance over Hydrazine and other developed green monopropellants. The company has also developed a proprietary high performance catalyst. The company has a strong and diverse team in areas of chemical engineering, aerospace and mechanical engineering, avionics and systems engineering along with veteran advisors.

Manastu Space Technologies Pvt Ltd

Company Profile :
Manastu Space started in 2017 by IIT Bombay alumni with a dream, one day every problem on the earth will be solved using space directly, indirectly or by spin-offs. We have a dream, every last person on earth has access to world-class education and health care. No one should die because of lack of information. Space might just be the way to realize this dream. This is not possible without low cost and sustainable access to the space. So we develop the technologies to achieve this dream. The founding team realized the power and potential of space while building their own satellite in IIT Bombay who was leading the project. ISRO launched it on PSLV C 35. Also, the team has experience of designing a cruise missile engine for DRDO. This technology development is supported by IIT Bombay and Shell. We envision to democratize the space for every purse and person with the mission to make access to space cheaper and safer.