Development of Course Correction Fuze for Artillery

Project Description

The Project aims for Des & Dev of Course Correction Fuze (CCF) for reduction of dispersion of unguided 155 mm in- service Artillery Shells. The CCF installed projectile is guided by signals of satellite navigation systems “GPS/IRNSS/ GLONASS”. The project  involves the Des & Dev of:

  1. CCF, which should fit into standard fuze well of 155 mm in service ERFB Arty Shells.
  2. Input Setting Device (ISD) for feeding data into the CCF prior to firing.


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Project Awarded To

Astra Microwave Products Limited

Company Profile :
Astra Microwave Products Limited, Hyderabad (AMPL) is an Indian RF and Microwave company with well-established credentials in the Defence and Electronics domain over the last 26 years. AMPL has worked with and provided valuable support to many DRDO labs and PSU/DPSUs in prestigious Defence & Aerospace projects ranging from Radars to EW and Telecommunications to Meteorology. AMPL is also a trusted partner of ISRO collaborating in a number of strategic missions. Astra designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of RF and Microwave components, sub-systems and systems for the Radar, Electronic Warfare, Missile and Aerospace market