Bearings for Aircraft Application

Project Description

The Flight Control System of LCA has various Sub system like Flight control Actuators, Rudder Pedal, Control Stick, Control Column, Tie Rods etc. These sub system uses different types of Aerospace Bearing for transferring the loads and to facilitate the FCS LRUs. The bearings used are Spherical Bearing, Journal Bearing, Single and Double Row Ball Bearings. The bearings shall be designed and developed for aerospace applications and cater for various environmental and structural loads. The bearings shall also cater for extreme low & high temperature applications, low torque requirements, reduced tolerances and long service life. The guidelines of DDPMAS 2002 shall be followed and the same can be downloaded from CEMILAC Website.  The manufacturing facility shall be AS 9100 certified and the laboratory utilised for various tests shall be NADCAP approved.


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