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What is a Feasibility Analysis?

For the purposes of the scheme, PMMG with the assistance of Invest India undertakes Feasibility analysis of all project requirements as submitted by the Service Headquarters of the various branches of the Armed Forces. Under this analysis, the portal accepts feasibility studies from industries and technical experts registered with the website, within a stipulated deadline. After the same, Invest India undertakes the feasibility analysis, first through industrial analysis and then facilitating a workshop under the aegis of Directorate of TDF with academic and industry experts and representatives, based on which a final output is prepared for the perusal of the Directorate of TDF which takes a decision on the requirements as submitted by the Armed Forces.

Who can participate in a Feasibility Study?

Educational Institutions, Indian Enterprises and Industry Experts can participate in a Feasibility Study.

How can I fill in a Feasibility Study?

Step – by – step guidelines have been provided in the Tutorials section of the website as “Guide for Submission of Feasibility Study”.

Can a Foreign Entity participate in the Feasibility Study?

No, Foreign Entity can not participate in the Feasibility Study.

Can I expect any awarding/results from a feasibility study?

A feasibility study is an exercise which invites your inputs towards assessment of feasibility of a project requirement. After undergoing all procedures pertaining to this assessment, a requirement is deemed "feasible/not feasible" for taking it ahead as a project. As such, a feasibility study doesn't warrant any awarding and hence results of the same are not declared for individual submissions. If a project is deemed feasible, it is opened up as a project for accepting EOIs.