India’s rising defence growth story

Ronak Singh

India, ever since its existence has fostered growth and improvement to build a better society, from areas ranging from mathematics to the advanced sciences. In the context of defence, it is home to the second-largest military in the world (by active personnel). It hosts exceptional defence capabilities built through a culture centered around cutting edge and disruptive innovations by communities which embrace innovation and vote in ways which promote it. 


The defence as an institution seeks to protect the integrity of the nation and its people from significant internal and external threats while identifying strategic capabilities to deal with those gaps, in a bid to enhance the growth ecosystem. Defence-related research hasn’t been critical just for defence but has contributed to building breakthrough technologies of, at times, even superior relevance in lesser-known fields. Radar, sonar, communication equipment, computers, wireless, assembly-line production efficiencies, logistics, and other technologies happen to have their origins in defence labs and warfields. At times technologies are designed for warfare but have extensive non-military use. The Internet, space programmes, deep oceanic mapping and transcontinental communications are just some of the examples. 


In the light of advanced globalisation, with the world progressing ahead like never before; achieving self-reliance in defence production is a crucial target for the Government of India. It has opened up the Defence industry for private sector participation to provide impetus to indigenous manufacturing with an ambitious $130 bn military modernisation plan. The opening up of the sector also paves the way for foreign original equipment manufacturers to enter into strategic partnerships with Indian companies. The operations and processes will be facilitated with Shore Based Test Facility (SBTF) to improve test facilities to boost manufacturing and Indigenously Designed, Developed & Manufactured (IDDM) to focus on buying and making in India, for the globe. 


In this era of globalisation and digitization, it will be nothing less than exciting how defence and the many collaborative sectors harness the power of technology, innovation and talent to build next generation equipment, facilities, and human potential to take India forward in the global landscape. 


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