Project Description

Encoders are angle measurement devices for applications such as stabilization platform and robotics etc. wherein space is a premium it is necessary that these devices provide precise measurement capability with little maintenance and small footprint. These encoders should be of inductive type and should not have any contacts, bearing, or couplings.


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We are a focused incremental Optical Incremental Encoder manufacturer& have produced more than 200000 Encoders in last 20 years under our well-established Brand- JENCODER We serve in various segments including Inkjet printing, Textiles, Elevators, Medical Equipment, Packaging, Laminating/coating, Rotogravures, Winders/un-winders, Windmills, Material Handling, and Servo Motor feedback are just a few examples of the numerous applications served by JENCODER. We have developed and supplying specially developed Encoders for Israeli defense industry in good quantity.