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How do I apply for a TDF award?

Application for Technology Development Fund Scheme award will be submitted online (https://tdf.drdo.gov.in).

Does the company/firm need to be founded prior to TDF proposal submission?

Yes. Proposals are only accepted from entities registered as "industry" in the portal. For registering as "industry", we mandate submission of your MSME/Startup India recognition certificate.

Must I own a company to receive TDF award?

No (Partnership Firm, Sole Proprietorship firm registered under applicable laws are also eligible).

Do I need to pay any service fee to DRDO/DTDF for applying for the scheme?

No. DRDO/DTDF doesn't charge any fee/remuneration for awarding of projects.

Can I empanel a consultant to apply on my behalf?

Yes. However, the cost element for the same has to be borne by the bidder.

Does the scheme cover for any additionally applicable taxes?

No. Your price quotations in the project should be inclusive of GST.

What are the qualifying criteria for being a nascent Start-Up?

A start-up will be considered as Nascent Start-ups on fulfilling the following criteria:
a) The Start-up shall be less than 3 years old
b) The Start-up shall be incubated in a government recognized / assisted Incubator
c) The Incubator shall be at least 2 years old and should be have experience of supporting at least 25 Start-ups
d) The facility available with incubator shall be made available to participating start-up. A maximum of 20% of total project cost can be used towards payment to incubator.